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Greetings ‎Hereby cordially, we announce that after holding two periods, International Exhibitions of “Elevators, ‎Lifts, ‎related Industries IRAN LIFTEX 2014 , 2015 Tehran – Iran, Saya Namaye Parsian exhibition ‎organizing and ‎Consultancy Company with collaboration of ISEEI (Iran Syndicate of Elevators , ‎Escalators , Industry) will hold ‎the : ‎‎1st Exhibition of Elevators, Escalators, Lift, Conveyors & related accessories ‎‎(Iran- Tehran Shahr-e Aftab)” LIFTEXPO 2017‎At date of 18 to 21 April 2017, in Shahr-e Aftab International fairground. Must mention that this is the ‎First ‎International Exhibition of elevators, escalators, lifts, conveyor belts and Related accessories, with ‎the support and ‎cooperation of biggest and most powerful association of this industry in Iran which is ‎ISEEI (Iran Syndicate of ‎Elevators and Escalators Industry) with almost more than 1600 permanent ‎members and remarkable companies ‎on the newest and most modern fairground of Iran, Shahr-e ‎Aftab Exhibition with 3 halls & a total area of 25, ooo ‎square meters, temporary exhibition places ‎‎(frame-tents), a total area of approximate 28,000 square meters which ‎will be replaced by permanent ‎constructions in the next phases. The most important positive point of these halls ‎for this event is ‎elevated halls without pillars which will ease the assembly and disassembly of the equipment for ‎this ‎industry. Also it’s worthy to mention, appropriate facilities for visitors and exhibitors make ‎transportation ‎easier for all.‎Further, would be highly appreciated your ‎presence and participation in this event . ‎for more information please contact : (+9831)36633939‎




Financial Department

Mr. Shah Hossain


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Chamran highway , Tehran International Fairground, TEHRAN INTERNATIONAL PERMANENT FAIRGROUND , HALL 38B, Tehran, Iran

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